Due DiligenceTM is a professional inspection company that has been performing home inspections in Atlanta and North Georgia since 2001. In that time, we have completed over 5000 inspections of homes, multi-family properties and commercial buildings. We offer a variety of inspection services for home buyers, home sellers, property owners, real estate investors, homeowners associations and inspecting architects/engineers including home inspections, pre-purchase inspections, pre-listing inspections, construction monitoring/phase inspections, radon testing and asbestos testing. 

Hello! I'm Russell Spornberger and I would like to welcome you to and thank you for visiting our website! There are a great many differences between home inspectors, the quality of service they might offer you, and the time they are willing to spend performing your home inspection. 

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Members of the Georgia Association of Home Inspectors (GAHI) are required to be "code certified" by the International Code Council (ICC) as Residential Combination Inspectors and to maintain that certification. GAHI is the only home inspector association in the country that requires its members to be "code certified."

Some inspectors advertise that they are ICC Members. This is not the same as being an ICC certified Residential Combination Inspector. Anyone can become a member of the ICC by paying a fee. 

Find out if the inspector you are considering is indeed an ICC Certified Residential Combination Inspector by clicking this link: ICC Inspector Search. On the search form enter the Inspector's Last Name and State only and then click Go. If multiple inspectors, are found scroll down to find the inspector you are considering.

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Free Mold Test: Take a few minutes to read this article by Mark Cramer:
Home Inspectors and Mold Sampling – Hype or Help?
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