Due DiligenceTM
pre-listing inspections
Getting ready to sell your home? We can help you identify repairs that might be needed before it is marketed....

For the home seller, we offer a pre-listing inspection service. A pre-listing inspection is done prior to placing a home on the market to determine the condition of the home and identify needed repairs, as well as, some upgrades to consider. A thorough pre-listing inspection will also note concerns that are likely to come up when a potential purchaser has the home inspected. 

A second inspection can be conducted after you have completed recommended repairs you choose to do. A new and revised report can then be issued. The revised report can be a great sales tool to market your home. Some other benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection are:
  • it helps you get your home into good "for sale" condition
  • it helps you meet disclosure requirements
  • it could save you $$$ of value that can be lost in hasty negotiations made if you are not prepared.

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