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Getting ready to sell your home? We can help you identify repairs that might be needed before it is marketed....
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Listing agents often advise sellers to have their home inspected before putting it on the market. This is known as a “pre-listing” inspection. But why should you, the seller, pay for the expense of a home inspection when any smart buyer is probably going to hire their own home inspector anyway? Preparation is the keyword here, “forewarned is forearmed”. 

A pre-listing inspection can reveal conditions that you may not know exist. Most people have never climbed on their roof, explored their attic, dragged themselves through their crawl space or opened their electric panel. These areas are the “guts” of a home and problems found in these areas can “kill a deal”. By doing a pre-listing inspection you can learn the true condition of your home from an objective inspector. Using your pre-listing inspection and without the pressure of a pending sell, you can work with your listing agent to develop a strategy that will ensure your home will sell quickly and smoothly.

One strategy is to correct the deficiencies revealed in the pre-listing inspection bringing the home to “top-notch” condition and top of the market pricing. Once the repairs have been made, the home can be re-inspected and a new report issued. The original report revealing the deficiencies and the new report verifying the repairs can then be used to market the home.

Another strategy is simply to disclose the original report, do no repairs, and sell the home “as-is”. In this way a potential buyer is not surprised when they have the home inspected; they know up front the condition of the house. This strategy can prevent a sell from being “torpedoed” by an inspection. It may also help you command a higher price for your home by dealing with objections openly, at the beginning of the sales process rather than at the end.

In conclusion, although a pre-listing inspection may seem like an unnecessary expense; a pre-listing inspection can help you preserve your price and not lose thousands in negotiated repairs.

If you are planning on selling your home, we can help! We offer a comprehensive pre-listing inspection service. A pre-listing inspection is done prior to placing a home on the market to determine the condition of the home and identify needed repairs, as well as, some upgrades to consider. A thorough pre-listing inspection will also note concerns that are likely to come up when a potential purchaser has the home inspected. 

A second inspection can be conducted after you have completed whatever recommended repairs in the original pre-listing inspection report that you choose. A new and revised report can then be issued. The revised report can be a great sales tool to market your home. 

Some other benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection are:

  • helps you get your home into "for sale" condition
  • helps you meet disclosure requirements
  • could save you $$$ of value that can be lost in hasty negotiations     because did not know the true condition of your home