Due DiligenceTM

What makes Due DiligenceTM the best choice for your home inspection?

  • We start by inspecting your roof. We climb your roof if it is safe to do so, and if not, we inspect the roof from a ladder. In this way, we are able to closely examine the condition of over 95% of the roofs of homes we inspect. (HEADS UP!: Most inspectors don't even carry a ladder that is long enough to reach the roof of a two story home. It takes time (sometimes up to an hour) to properly inspect a roof , so many home inspectors will only spend a few minutes  looking at a roof with binoculars from the ground. This explains some of the differences in price you might have found between inspectors.) 

  • We inspect your entire home from the roof down to the crawl space! Our guiding philosophy is "It is always where you don't look", so we will go as far back in a crawl space as we can.

  • We strive to inspect the accessible features of your home not just a representative sample or only “one per room”.

  • We check the operation of the built-in appliances in your home. (HEADS UP! many inspectors do not check appliances, don't wait till it is too late to ask!).

  • If the home you are purchasing is a condominium, your Due DiligenceTM inspection won't be limited to just the interior of the unit. (HEADS UP! many inspectors will only inspect the interior of your unit!). If there is an accessible attic, basement, crawl space, or roof immediate to your unit, we will do our best to inspect those areas. Although these areas are often considered common areas, once you close you are going to own a part of whatever problems exist in such spaces.  Common areas often have problems that directly effect the unit being inspected, and you will definitely want to know if the roof or plumbing is leaking, if there are signs of rodents, if the insulation is not adequate, etc, etc.. in these areas.

  • We practice "full disclosure". If  we see it, if an issue or concern is found, it will be noted in your Due DiligenceTM Inspection Report.

  • We cite applicable building codes in new construction inspection reports and on existing homes where it appears major repairs, equipment replacements, alterations, or additions recently have been made. We also often supplement inspection reports with references to manufacturer's instructions and other industry standards.

  • Your Due DiligenceTM Inspector is an ICC Code Certified Residential Combination Inspector and a career  construction professional with decades of experience.

  • Your Due DiligenceTM Inspector is certified by ASHI and GAHI.

  • Your Due DiligenceTM Inspection will meet or exceed ASHI and GAHI Standards of Practice.

  • Your Due DiligenceTM Inspection Report will be thorough, accurate and objective.

  • Your report will be written in plain language and easy to understand.

  • Your report will be professionally done, computer generated, and complete with photographs.

  • Your report will include a categorized summary.

  • Your report will be in pdf format and delivered via e-mail within 24 hours of your inspection.

  • Your Due DiligenceTM Inspector is fully insured.

  • Your Due DiligenceTM Inspector has electronic lock box key access.

  • Finally, we are always here for you. If you, your agent, the seller, or the builder have any questions regarding your home inspection, we are always happy to answer them. And after you move in, for as long as you own your home, if you ever have any questions, concerns, or just need some advice, we are here to help you. Please, always feel free to call!   
Please call 404.202.5363 to schedule your

Please call 404.202.5363 if you have any questions and to schedule your 
Due DiligenceTM Inspection.
Yes! We'll inspect your roof and climb it if we can!
Rotten floor framing
​Leaking water service pipe
Defective product: swollen siding
Sagging porch floor beam